"It's not what you look at, it's what you see."

           Henry D. Thoreau


Covid-19: face to face sessions

As of 10/10/2020 I am able to offer a small number of face to face sessions for clients. I have moved from a small downstairs room to a large and airy upstairs room so that we can maintain social distancing and ventilate the room during and after sessions. 


If you're a new client and you prefer not to attend face to face sessions, I can offer the option of phone or zoom or walk and talk therapy sessions. However we would need to meet face to face for at least 2 sessions to ensure that we both feel comfortable working together. 


The Back In Line Centre and Perspective Counselling have drawn up risk assessments which I can supply in pdf format on request.


We ask that you do not visit the centre unless you have made an appointment, as you will need to complete a health screening and consent to treatment prior to attending sessions. 


Thank you for your understanding. 



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